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Unity Enterprises is a partnership firm that was established in 1989 for conducting trading activities. We have traded in different industrial and office products.

In 1994 we launched “Whitemark” Writing Boards in Mumbai & its neighboring areas. At that time Writing Boards were not widely used in offices. Whitemark Boards have a wide application and can be used in all areas, i.e. educational Institutes, offices, homes, restaurants, etc. The surface of the boards are made of ceramic steel and are manufactured to give an aesthetic and complete look. The boards have 2 options for writing with Marker Pens or Chalk.

Whitemark boards have a long life. Ceramic steel is nonporous and therefore the boards are stain-proof and scratch-resistant.  Since 1994 we have sold in excess of 80,000 boards to schools, colleges, institutes, offices, hotels, hospitals, homes etc and in these 28 years we have not had any complaints regarding staining, scratching, discoloration, fading etc. Even the use of other pens such as felt pens, permanent markers, ink pens, ball pens, and others do not cause any staining on the boards.

Whitemark is the largest producer of ceramic steel writing boards in India and we can supply Whitemark boards anywhere in India


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