Green Graph(5cm) & Green Cursive Line Board

We have made our chalkboards with environmental responsibility in mind: safe, clean, and 99.9% recyclable. With more than twenty years of experience in creating chalkboards, we pioneered the ceramic steel writing boards – now the industry standard in India – and we still lead the market in quality and sustainability. Schools, colleges, universities & training centers all over the country choose our chalkboard for academic and creative applications.


  • Fired twice at 800+ degrees
  • Permanent Ceramic Printing
  • Non-porous ceramic surface
  • Wear & Scratch Resistant
  • Insensible of chemical & mechanical influences
  • Indefinite span of life
  • Maintenance-free & non-fading
  • Magnetic

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Advantages of our Boards

Scratch Resistant & Stain Proof

Ultra Smooth Writing

Easy Dry Erasability

Non Reflective

Superior Visibility

Fire and Chemical Resistant

Bacteria and Graffiti Resistant



Non Maintenance

Engraved e3 Ceramic Steel for Authenticity of Surface

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